Technical Analysis

We make trading so simply that even beginners can understand the mechanics.  With us, you don’t need to be a technical analyst, as we explain everything in plain and simple English, making it easy even for the non-technical personal to use and act upon it.  The course is designed to help you get started with technical analysis:

Technical Analysis and Day Trading

Technical Analysis Fundamentals

What is a Trend

Looking at Patterns

Cycles of Time

Moving Averages

Oscillators and Indicators

Further Charting

Advanced Charts

Money Management

Trading Strategies

Intra-day Betting Strategies

How Do You Exit?

Picking your Strategy

Taking Control

This is a course on Technical Analysis. Technical analysis is especially important for spread traders who typically hold their positions over shorter time frames. While this e-learning training course focuses mostly on spread betting, the fundamentals are based on universal trading principles.  From the complete novice to the experienced trader, our education pages cover a range of topics from ‘What is a Spread Bet’ to ‘Understanding technical analysis’. More…