Further Charting

We covered the basics of charting in an earlier section, and since then you have been introduced to ways that you can draw lines on charts and add indicators that will help you identify the mood of the market. In this section we will look at the finer aspects of the conventional chart, as well as introducing you to other types of charts that traders have found useful. With what you know so far, you are well placed to cope with all the analysis you need for successful spread betting, but this chapter will give you further tools and techniques that may assist you.

Candlesticks – a Day Trader’s Best Friend/

Candlesticks are a powerful technical analysis tool that helps day traders maximize their profits. Using candlesticks, day traders can leverage real time data from majority of the world’s leading exchanges to track even the minutest of price movements.

Candlesticks assist day traders make the right decisions. Using candlesticks traders can discover high-profit insights into the dramatically changing face of day trading. The signals generated by CandleStrength make it an indispensable tool for day traders.