Learn Spread Betting: Training Course

Start by reading our Beginner’s Guide below to learn more about spread betting – the benefits, the rewards and the risks! You can go through this course from start to finish or you can navigate to the areas of this course that you are interested in.

Introduction to the Spread Betting Guide

What Else Makes it so Popular? Advantages

Spread Trading Markets: What Can I Bet on?

Market Risk Groups

Spread Betting Workings: Theory

Closing and Opening Orders

Spread Betting Explained: The Actual Process

Points to Watch Out For: Spread Trading Tips

What Should I Look for in a Spread Betting Broker?

Strategy Development: Have a Trading Plan

Making a Trading Plan

Money Management

Trading Psychology

Successful Trading Strategies

Action Plan

Basic Charting and Trading Entry Ideas

Stop Orders

How to use Your Spread Betting Losses to Make you a Better Trader

Short-Term Trading or Longer Term Trading?

Spread Betting versus CFDs?

Binary Bets Explained

Spread Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Spread Trading Tips for Beginners

Confessions of a Virgin Spread Bettor

Ten Top Trading Tips

Seven Habits of Successful Traders

Qualities of Successful Professional Gamblers!



Learn to trade well, and the money may eventually follow. Day trading successfully is not beyond private investors willing and able to commit the time, sweat, and brainpower to develop superior skills. Our spread betting course is comprehensive, providing you with everything you need to know and have to better your chances of trading profitably.