iPad Spread Betting

The latest hot trend is the emergence of a number of tablet computers such as the Apple iPad and the Galaxy Tab from Samsung. However, while mobile and iphone spread betting has been available to spread trading clients using their iPhones and other smartphones for sometime now, providers have only recently started developing separate platforms for the iPad. In particular, the larger screens of the iPhone and iPad offer on-the-go traders better functionality than ever before.

“The economic picture may be depressing, but thirst for mobile gadgetry remains unabated. In excess of 450 million smartphones (such as the iPhone and the BlackBerry) will be sold globally in 2012 in addition to nearly 60 million tablets (such as iPads). The makers of these gadgets compete fiercely, but their mobile products share a number of traits. They are light, are able to carry a mass of information, glow when they are used and respond to the touch.”

iPad and the Trading Revolution

iPad Trading

One of the issues that has been a big drawback to using mobile technology for trading purposes – namely the small screen on most mobile phones is no longer the problem it once was. The iPhone 4s comes some way to solve this with its 3.5-inch display and 960 x 640 pixel resolution. However, tablets, including any personal mobile computer with a touch screen – such as the iPad from Apple have changed the game entirely with their considerably larger display. Tablets are light and powerful like smartphones but have a bigger screen size than traditional mobile devices. In particular, the iPad’s with its 9.7-inch display, higher resolution at 2048 x 1536 pixels and multi-touch screen capabilities allows spread betting providers deliver a dynamic trading experience in high definition. That, in combination with easy navigation and the portability that they offer and the ability to leave the device on at all times as with a traditional mobile phone, means that the range of trading functions that can be effectively managed via such an interface has grown exponentially.

The iPad store has already passed the 100,000 app mark (with over 1,600 in the Finance category alone) with more than 450,000 iPhone apps, plus those developed for Android. Today, we can confidently say that new technology is changing how private traders and spreadbetters can trade and interact with the markets and the better capitalised spread betting brokers are doing their utmost to extend their mobile offering to iPhone applications and fill this this new demand from their clients. City Index, CMC Markets, ETX Capital, GFT and IG Index have all launched mobile trading applications over the last year.

Having said that its just not like Apple has a monopoly in tablets; Samsung has its own Galaxy Tab 2 which features a 10.1 inch screen while the Google Nexus 7 comes with a 7-inch screen. All these gadgets do a good job of providing a smooth trading experience and are packed with native software.

iPad Spread Betting

As financial spread betting continues going global, it is becoming ever simpler to take a gamble from anywhere in the world. Anyone with a modern phone or tablet, such as an iPad or other smart set phone, can trade with relative simplicity. All this sounds great, and if brokers are right, it is actually the iPad that should really start a trading revolution and bring mobile trading to the mainstream market.

The new iPad in particular is a potential game-changer, offering clients a seamless betting experience that replicates the fixed web, whilst making use of the unique features available on iPad. The larger screen and more powerful processor of the iPad should make it a more practical alternative compared to its smaller counterpart: the iPhone. In particular, the bigger screen should allow traders more flexibility especially when it comes to viewing charts. Such Apps offers a vastly improved iPad experience to spread betting clients, bringing fixed website functionality to a betting product that his specifically tailored to the tables device.

It is clear that active spread betters crave mobility and the support of iPad apps should be an important to any serious provider’s mobile offering.

Intertrader's iPad Application

Intertrader's iPad Application

InterTrader, CMC Markets and IG Index have all launched their own iPad trading applications this year. Specifically designed for the Apple iPad tablet device, the new iPad spread betting platforms are based on the same mobile interfaces that were first introduced by the respective clients for their iPhone and Android apps released last year.

IG for instance has developed an iPad app for its PureDeal trading platform which is designed of offer simple shortcuts to help clients access the platform and deal faster. This includes such features like being able to view live prices and charts without having to log in, swift horizontal swipe switching between multiple panels and customisable watchlists.

Shai Heffetz, head of financial spread betting at InterTrader was quoted saying: ‘We work from the premise that ‘time is money’ and our iPad application makes it easier and quicker for clients to react to breaking news and events when on the move.’ CMC Markets in particular have developed a bespoke specially-designed application for mobile devices which traders can access using a ‘swipe-login’. Just as easily they can also bring up tap-to-view information factsheets and charts. Other spread betting providers have noted that their spread betting iPhone applications also works on the iPad, although it fails to take advantage of the larger screen afforded by the tablet device.

Available free via the App Store, a typical trading application for the iPad features:

  • Access the full range of global markets including currency trading, shares, indices and commodities.
  • Real-time updating charts with full screen view with multiple chart types and indicators and time frames to help in performing technical analysis and trade.
  • A suite of single and advanced spread betting order types, including market, stop, limit and contingent orders (OCO, If/Then and more).
  • Real-time information and news and market commentary via newsfeeds such Dow Jones Newswires or Reuters.

Clients using IG’s iPad platform can use the application to open and close trade and to deposit funds in their spread betting account. They can also utilise stops and limit orders for risk and trade management and customise charts according to their time frames and preferences.

But is mobile trading even a good thing? How can a stock market trader fare on such a small screen? And does mobile trading introduce extra trading risks? Well, if anything the iPad allows those spread traders who are averse to concentrating on a minuscule monitor for substantial periods of time to trade on a bigger screen.

The ability for spreadbetting clients to keep a constant watch on their speculative investments has become increasingly common in recent years. In any case, it is not hard to understand the appeal of trading via an iPhone or iPad. Most markets trade round-the-clock and with volatile markets and most traders also having a day-job they can’t always be in front of a screen to monitor their trades so mobile trading is convenient for them as it allows them to easily check and manage positions whenever they want!

To conclude mobile spread betting is getting more popular every day. There are still many different possibilities to grow and after tablet reinvention by Apple there is a big market waiting for mobile trading.

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