Get Rich Quick Spread Betting

We all know how bad a reputation this industry has, from get rich quick schemes that promise the earth as this is the “Holy Grail” and you better be quick as we only have a 100 copies, do you ever think anyone would actually stop selling once the 100 has been hit? Also next couple of months the very same company will be selling the next big thing and just forgets about the previous one.

Of all the get-rich-quick schemes that you may be offered, the most attractive may be to get rich quick spread betting. Can your trading abilities, wits and determination make you quick and easy money trading the stock markets? Undeniably, the internet has sparked a boom in betting and today there are many such schemes and trading systems on the stock market promising you to win endless riches, but making money trading is all about seizing opportunities when you see them; in practice though far simpler said than done!

Also its easy to hide behind trade calls, I have only ever seen one other company actually trade live, and when I mean live I mean seeing the account in real time, not some statement. You can sit some were and say go long at 5858, limit at 5920, stop at 5835 but do you ever see anyone trade it live with their own money on the line?

I never say anything bad about anyone, that is not my style but one of our competitors I called what they were doing had to be all demo, and we still lost customers to them and quite a few to be honest. That is pure fear and greed in action everyone wants a quick fix, the magic system, very few actual want to put the hard work into actually doing it for yourself. I would guess quite a few got burnt as well. But the truth has come out and I was correct it had to be, but people especially new traders cant see through it all they are interested in is making quick easy money and lots of it.

How A 37 yr Finance Analyst Programmer From London Banked 1504% Profit…

…From 258 Trades Trading Only 15 Minutes A Week in 2008

Using a Financial Spread Betting Method to Beat The Markets Every Time

The last time I saw Andrew, he was struggling to keep a roof over his head. He was behind on mortgage payments and was seriously considering bankruptcy. That was twelve months ago.

Today, we met at the local pub and he told me how he’d discovered this amazing system that helped him to bank £55,541.02 in a year starting with only £3,600.

He just sent me this screen capture of his account, just to prove to me what he did!

Most importantly, he showed me how I could do the same thing. And you can too!

Here are just a few of the details he revealed from his amazingly successful trading system:

  • How to start with less than $5000 and find the trades that make big profits.
  • A single question you must ask before you look at any trading system
  • What every trader must know before they make their first trade

Andrew revealed a straight forward online spread betting system that virtually guarantees 100% returns or better every year. In fact this system has been tested and verified to show on average 160% profit a year for the past 26 years.

This system is so successful he’s quit his job as a finance analyst programmer and spends only 15 minutes a week “working.”

In truth he spends most of his week helping others learn to trade using this system and the best part is, anyone can do this.

If you follow this same system, you can expect the same kinds of results.

In fact, he is helping me out with opening up my account and doing my first few trades. Below is a screenshot of my first month using the system. Take a look at both images of my trades and then my profits.

Look, I’d like to reveal more, but here’s the thing. This will only work for people who have two things:

  1. A burning desire to change their circumstances for the better
  2. Enough money available to trade with spread betting.

If you fit this criteria, simply fill in the form and you’ll get immediate access to this life-changing information.

I will reveal how this system works, and why it works. First, you will need a basic understanding of trading.

Andrew has put together this special report, “Millionaire Trading Guide for Beginners”. He normally sells this to clients for $47, but has agree to offer it to you for free, if you are serious about changing your situation. This eBook has already helped hundreds of working class citizens reach their dreams. You could be next…

Who Else Wants £12,000 Per Week Tax-Free on FTSE & DOW?

Headings, bold claims and sales letters like the above are common but do they really reflect what is popular with spread betting or trading for that matter? “I’m telling course attendants it looks like the easiest thing in the world to quit your job, go to a trading seminar for the weekend and you’ll be a millionaire tomorrow. But unfortunately, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Such trading courses may teach the basics but there’s no back-up once they set you loose. I’d be surprised if anybody attending these courses has made life changing amounts of money.”

Get rich quick forex trading courses are the new ‘investment property with no money down’ but the consequences for punters can be disastrous. I feel that this exploitation of the public has gone on long enough and whenever I see such a course offered I do my best to encourage people to dig a little deeper and to help them realise that there are no ‘get rich quick’ schemes with trading, only ‘get poor quick’ ones! I appreciate there will always be those that believe in the shortcuts and sadly there is no end of individuals looking to exploit that (such is Capitalism) but at least I’ve done my part to try to alert you.

“What you really need to understand is that there is no shortcut to making money trading. It’s always hard work. There really is no get-rich-quick scheme. Mark Douglas is the author of The Disciplined Trader. In the book he claims that most new traders think about the ‘unlimited gains’ – the big money. Few are prepared for the reality… which he describes as a ‘lonely psychological wilderness.’ This is why most traders go through a honeymoon period with trading, but then get disillusioned, and start losing money. I’ll give you an example….
Last week Matt was anxious because he’d dropped multiple millions. Not the usual few million…. but some serious, sustained, heavy losses. His bad run had lasted a few weeks. Thing is, he wasn’t out of a job, not by any means. And he wasn’t – like I would be – running around tearing his hair out. Losing is part of the business. Trading involves both profitable and unprofitable trades According to Matt, it’s very possible to lose around 50% of your trades and still make money. The problems come when the emotions from losing a few trades begin to warp your decisions..”

Can anyone become a stock-market millionaire? Well, let’s face it — for most people, making serious money from shares will always remain a pipedream. Simply put, earning life-changing sums from the stock market requires time, effort and sacrifice — and most people always prefer to take what seems like the easy option, only to wonder why they’re no better off years down the line.

Traditionally, financial trading has been reserved for the wealthy and powerful, hedge funds and institutions willing and able to pay considerable amounts in brokerage commissions to execute transactions through international stock exchange. The internet has changed this and stock market trading is now much more accessible to the average person.

Of course the Internet is filling with people promising you the holy grain and the change to make thousands of pounds a day with just 15 minutes of analysis. Such promises are admittedly tempting but if it was so easy to trade, wouldn’t we all be millionaires? The fact is that most people who dabble in trading end up losing money.

Here’s what one experienced had to say after seeing the material of Greg Secker; one of these so called stock market coaches. “Having watched some of his videos and seen some of his material and I can tell you, if you are not already aware, that his recommendations will cost people a lot of money. They may as well do red/black at the local casino. The market is particularly irrational at the moment as I’m sure you know and advocating 1:1 risk to reward trades on breakouts at 1000GBP/point is likely to bankrupt people in quick order. If you are a successful trader you will know that the only way to success is through hard work, study and discipline, none of which are offered by people such as Greg Secker.”

“I successfully day trade index, commodity and currency futures, but my lengthy learning curve started with spreadbetting and I obsessively studied and researched all the companies, courses, systems and get rich quick methods – decent money can be made swing trading with spread betting (with wide stops) but a deep and fundamental understanding of market dynamics and the auction process is needed…something most of these so called trainers wouldn’t know about, let alone take the time to teach!”

Why Become Rich?

Discover the road to financial security, freedom from worry and the time to be and do exactly as you always wanted. Being rich allows you to have the time to do the things in life you really want to do -:

  • More time for yourself and those you truly care for!
  • More choice – you’re a grown-up you can do what YOU want!
  • More cash – flowing smoothly and regularly to you
  • More of your dreams finally realised
  • In truth – more life!

Just ponder for a moment: if like me you are over 30, chances are that you only have about 2000 weekends left to live. Doesn’t sound like much when you put it in that perspective, does it? So if you are really passionate about something, I suggest you to do it without further delay. Don’t pretend that you’ve still got plenty of time to achieve what you want to achieve because you probably don’t…

The basic rule to make money is to spend much less than your earn and invest the difference. Now, too many people these days always complain about not having enough money for saving and investment… But funnily enough, somehow these people always have the means to buy that new car, travel on that exotic holiday and purchase that latest computer gadget. But if you’re really serious about becoming a stock market millionaire, then you have to make a serious commitment to your spending.

Enjoying your Wealth

I appreciate most on this website are younger than me and are at the stage of accumalating a pension pot. However, time comes when you have to decide to pack up working and start drawing income. Hopefully by that time you have built a decent size holding but what size should you aim for and how much should you withdraw. There is something known as the 4% rule which is very simplistic and says you should withdraw 4% of your pot each year. So if you have a £1m pot you can withdraw £40k per annum. But it’s a bit more complicated than that because if you hold £1m of equities/bonds portfolio in the current secular bear market then you might find 4% withdrawal + inflation dwindling your pot too fast. In periods like the dot com boom you could have comfortably taken 6%+.

Why do millionaires always want more?

We’re all typing on laptops, desktop computers, phones, iPads, that would with 100% certainty not exist in a capitalism-free economy. On a subscription website about the stock market that would not exist in an economy where people aren’t incentivised by money. We enjoy remarkable standards of living, we all have a roof over our heads, food on our tables, each step of the way made possible by a regulated market-based economy. It isn’t without its faults, but it’s the best system we have, and we’ve done brilliantly out of it over the years.

I think we take a lot for granted, in terms of what the system has done for each of us. Four or five standard years of economic slowdown, isn’t enough to make me throw my Chinese-manufactured, American-branded, British-sold toys out of the pram 😉 Capping wealth or income would be a disaster I’m sorry to say.

Make a Fortune Spread Betting

Spreadbetting is a great tool, but that’s all it is – it is definitely not a fast road to untold riches. If you are not a good investor, spreadbetting will magnify your lack of ability. It offers leverage, and protection from capital gains.

The tendency nowadays is that everyone wants to be a day trader and a lot of energy is focused on this. The introduction of online trading has naturally been the main culprit for this. But when a blue-chip stock like BP falls some 40% in two months, it is understandable that spread betters feel that they should be able to make or lose a fortune before dusk. However such early success is dangerous and can easily turn your head, with entertaining thoughts of quitting the day job and spending your working days placing bets on your computer from the comfort of your front room.

Becoming a Millionaire?

There are people who win consistently, but those who brag about it aren’t believed and the others just quietly get on with it. But the harsh truth is that most day traders lose – there are actually some that do win but these are rare. So anyone trading a lot every day is likely to struggle to make any money.

Robbie Burns, one successful trader is of the opinion that new traders should consider 20% as a realistic target gain on capital in the first year. As he says “I feel new traders are too gung-ho and think they can easily make mega amounts fast. That rarely happens. Also people say, ‘Can I go full time on five grand?’ Definitely not! So if you want to make £50,000 a year I would suggest a capital of £250,000.”

“As one trader noted: “It is a seriously incredible feeling when you make thousands from a single trade. You think it’s the easiest thing in the world and something that you should be doing all the time. Likewise, when you make a profit, you feel like you have hit the jackpot and want to let it run, but the trick is knowing when to press the ‘sell’ button in order to take the profit.”

In reality there are no hard and fast rules to making money spread betting. Some people make money spread betting, and some traders in particular make a lot of money – some like Vince Stanzione have even become millionaires spread betting, others sadly get wiped out; that’s because short-term trading is inherently a zero-sum game and the money has to come from somewhere – some win, some lose… However, the odds are much more in favour of you profiting slowly and building your wealth with spread betting than with getting rich quickly. If you are offered a get rich quick scheme involving spread betting, you need to be cautious and diligent in assessing its worth. Remember that spread betting, which offers excellent leverage of your funds, can also lead to losses greater than your account because of that same leverage.

In our view always -:

  • Start small and only increase risk based on your trading success.
  • Never risk too much or use too much leverage.
  • Never expect to make a fortune overnight despite what you may read or hear.
  • Expect some losses but try to avoid markets that are too volatile.

If you truly want to get rich quick spread betting, you may be better off looking at the unconventional markets, where there is less predictability and track record to hold down the gains. For instance, if you look away from the conventionally traded financial markets, you can find markets that you can spread bet on such as house prices. It would certainly take some insight into these markets to be sure to place winning bets, but the novelty of the markets means that you have greater scope for large gains.

One of the problems with getting rich quickly is that you must focus on getting in big wins in order to achieve your goal. This is diametrically opposed to the usually advised less risky and steadier ways of trading that those who build their wealth in the markets use. In fact, it’s probably true to say that if you go for big wins and try to get rich quickly, the odds favour you falling out of the market having lost your account, and maybe more.

Some automated stock trading systems are based on complex mathematical algorithms and may even claim to offer a suite of analysis tools to help you take the sweat out of forecasting the stock market. By this stage you start to think you’re not only going to get rich, you’ll turn out much cleverer, too. You simply have to scan the graphs, charts and tables on your way to a mas­sive fortune!

If you are offered a get rich quick scheme focused on spread betting, you should make sure that you understand what it entails. One of the ploys of scam artists who offer such schemes is to restrict information until you commit to them. If you want to find out what the scheme is about, and how the system is supposed to work, you may need to pay a fee to learn more. It is probably wise to avoid personal contact, as many scammers are very good at persuasive conversation, and you need to examine the facts in the cold light of day. It is good advice to never sign up without taking some time to think about it.

“The odds are greatly against you or any investor or trader whatsoever to go from debt to millionaire in months by spread bet trading. New traders should ignore the get-rich-quick scammers and self-proclaimed stock market gurus and millionaires and instead focus on developing a solid trading plan.”

Wealth Building

Many investors when starting out have limited capital to put in shares so are attracted to highly leveraged instruments like spread betting. They falsely hope that the will be able to retire from their day job in a few months and start trading full-time. Likewise, most people think to become wealthy you need to earn a big salary. Wrong! Compounding is much more important!

I learned on my journey that money makes money, that is to say it is the power of compounding that actually makes the difference. If you make a profit then you have to invest that profit to make more money. So when I sell an instrument on the way down and buy it back lower, I’m careful to invest back the entire sum I had made on the way back up. So many people always do the same amount per trade which can turn out to be a mistake.

Includes 4 weeks of holidays per annum.

If you can generate 0.25% a day, your annualized return is 177% of your money.
If you can generate 0.5% a day, your annualized return is 315% of your money.
If you can generate 0.75% a day, your annualized return is 557% of your money.
If you can generate 1% a day, your annualized return is 986% of your money.

Remember that you are capable of educating yourself to make a profit from spread betting, and this may be your best course to achieving financial independence. Certainly, you need to bring your knowledge of spread trading to any get rich quick claim so that you can assess the viability of the method. It has long been said that “if it seems too good to be true then it probably is”. Unless there is a realistic reason for you to accept that a trading system can outperform 90% of other traders, then it’s probably best to avoid get-rich-quick spread betting schemes.

There is no get-rich quick spread betting system – in fact we want you to ignore all the get-rich-quick scams and formulas. There are 1001 systems that you can subscribe to but chances are that 1000 of them will result in losses. Be careful out there because the marketers LOVE to tell you what people want to hear, i.e. how to get rich quick without doing a lot of work. “10% a month for 20 minutes a day work”

The best way that you could ever learn or even be a trader is by knowing your product…

Trading the word itself means to buy low sell high and make profit…right?

So you should know your product in trading…People who do not know there product go into the market blind folded and then look for a solution to make their money back or become millionaires…and people like Greg Secker target these people…

  1. Know your product – the market you wish to trade…
  2. Learn about your product inside out…so that your trading becomes more powerful.
  3. Knowledge is free – you just have to find it with the God of the internet Google.
  4. Spending hours and hours on the internet will result in confusion, complication and remember that the holy grail does not exist..if it did I would have it by now 🙂
  5. Technical indicators are there to assist and in now way at all can they ever be 100%. (so paying x amount of £’s for a few indicators never makes any sense and that is all you get in these $97 trading systems and ebooks).
  6. Paper trade a strategy and make adjustments according to your trading style.
  7. Don’t keep changing your product or strategy.

In short Stick to you Plan, Strategy and Product…..

However here are some trading tips that are guaranteed to help your wealth to increase. To do this effectively -:

  • Don’t count your money in open trades, only in closed trades.
  • Learn to think in percentage terms, rather than dollar terms.
  • Focus on developing your own psychology.
  • Hang out with people much richer than you are. This will help you avoid catching the dreaded ego bug.


Failing the above points, to make big money you need to either;

  • Start with big money.
  • Take big risks.
  • Be very lucky.
  • Wait a long time.
  • Have a large edge (real not imagined).

All five points apply to pretty much any investment whether individual stocks, whole market, or other. Some people believe it is easier to gain an edge with a single company by extensive research whilst others believe it is easier to have an edge over the whole market by looking at market fundamentals. There’s no right answer and it comes down to whatever works. Soros for example made a fortune from a currency trade whilst most people would see currencies as one of the most efficient and therefore difficult markets to trade.

“If you are poor (no money), then you are effectively powerless in your personal finances. However, keep in mind that wealth does not only involve an ‘abundance of possessions and material riches’, but it also involves a sense of ‘happiness, well being, community and common good.”

This is pretty interesting. Not many of us get taught that at school. We tend to think being wealthy means flash cars, big yachts and huge houses: which is a part of it, but not all of it. Defining what wealth means for you is one of the first steps along the path the health, wealth and wisdom.