Stock Market Tutorial Lessons:

Interested in investing in shares and the stock market? Read on at your own risk!  Whether you’re looking to set up a personal pension via investing in the stock market, trying to make more out of your savings or investing your own SIPP pension fund, we want to try and get you started in trading shares and provide links on information about how to get into new investment trends, like spread betting, and share dealing in general. We are going provide you with as much information as we can and warn you to DYOR (do your own research) before you invest your hard earned cash. We have built up links to help you to understand the risks and the rewards when investing, before you invest in anything from our experience of investing you must find out all you can about the company that you are going to trust your cash with, information is King!

No not insider information that is illegal.

We mean information on the company you are looking to invest in, its board of directors, its advisors, the past history and performance of the company, the competitors and any new products it may be developing or bringing to the market and what the strategy is going to be put in place for the next accounting period, things like dates to remember, AGMs (Annual general meetings) reporting rules if an AIM (Alternative investments markets) and lots of other simple things like what is the ticker number, every share has a quick reference, the rules and regs of the stock market are very difficult to take in all at once, any way here we go and good luck.

Can you beat the market?

Historically, the rate of return from the stock market has been significantly greater over a longer period of time than that which is generated from cash saved in a bank or building society and more so now that we have such low interest rates. But the word of caution is that the stock market has also been more volatile. What can be a great moment when your first share takes off and goes up, can be a sole destroying moment when the shares go down just as quick.

A sound investment strategy is what you need.

Developing a DIY type of stock picking and selection route you will need to get a share selection strategy in place. Because if there is one certainty on the stock market, it’s the certainty of losing money by picking individual shares on a whim or with little re search in place. You are better served at looking at sectors that you can learn about or have friends in that type of business that can help you understand the driving force of the market in that sector. For example investing in oil shares many are all about understanding what is being done at at where and at what stage has been got to, for info about exploration and when a development has spudded it does not mean they have found potatos, it means they have started to drill. Just understanding the information like thet can make or lose you money.

DYOR (Do your own research).

Remaining with what you know best and feel comfortable about with should limit any stock market heartache going forward. A lot of companies issue a never ending stream of corporate news and mystifying accounts too, there’s a real danger of “information overload” at times.However, applying a clear investment philosophy will help you to making better investment decisions based on your own research.