I heard that in a week, from a book, someone narrated a strategy for turning 9k into 1.5 million

If there was a way to make a million quickly spread betting, everyone and his dog would soon start doing it and the competition would destroy the big markup. If it were so easy to make quick money, why is the author not doing it himself? Traders who are successful are more likely to keep their trading system to themselves and keep it a secret. Once everyone else finds out, everyone will try it, and the competition will inevitably reduce the opportunity.

The author of the book is trying to make a million by selling the book. A few years back one Hungarian gentleman and his wife were a professional dance team who performed around the world. He proceeded to write a book on how he made millions of dollars in the stock market using a winning trading system. The book made him a million dollars. Two years later the news came out that the book was a fraud. It wasn’t possible for him to have made the trades he claimed. And so it goes. Read a really good book on investing. Try the classic ‘The Intelligent Investor’. It worked for billionaire investor Warren Buffet. And read the books of Jessie Livermore’s…

“Naturally with spread betting the amount you can make on a trade depends on your stake but essentially the sky is the limit. The more money that you stake, the more money you will win”

This online guide was written by real traders who trade successfully. Remember that many tutors who teach spread betting have either never traded or consistently made money trading.