Is Spread Trading for you?

Spread betting or spread trading can add a new dimension to your trading strategy. Irrespective of how the market are performing, you can use this margined product to speculate on future price movements, and profiting by correctly predicting the way the price moves.

However, it has to be said that financial spread trading will not suit everyone. While it is one of the simplest forms of trading, trading in any form requires a steady mind that can remain detached when trading and be unemotional when a trade goes against you and you are facing a loss (of which there will inevitably be). The good news is though that this level of detachment can be learnt over time. The better news is that through careful money management, trade selection and stop losses you can drastically reduce the risk involved.

Attention to detail is also key. You will be placing your trades online and are responsible for the figures you input to execute your trade.

You do not need to be a mathematical genius or have history in the financial industry to be a successful spread trader. The skills to be a successful trader and the tools to carry out your research and analysis to select trades can all be learnt.

Where can I Spread Trade from?

A wonderful bonus to the life of a Spread Trader is the flexibility of lifestyle. You can decide when you want to Spread Trade (mornings, during the day, or evenings after work), what you spread trade, and where you spread trade from. Many companies now offer a complete online service so as long as you have your computer and an internet connection you can access your spread trading account and trade.

This gives you the choice of trading from home or taking extended trips around the world while you still enjoy the rewards of trading.