Do you know where I can place daily bets on the FTSE closing up or down?

Capital Spreads amongst others… All you need is a broadband connection and a semi-decent computer and you’re off.

If you want a short term daily bet, find “FTSE 100 Daily”, should be on your default Watchlist or can be searched for. Clicking on it should bring up the dealing ticket.

If for instance you want to place a short, enter the £ per point and your stop, measured in “points away from current price”. Make sure you’re fully aware of how much exposure you have with that given £ per point size, and don’t set your stop too close to the current level. After that, just click the red “sell” button and your short is opened.

If you’re new to spreadbetting, I would really recommend getting more experience before trading an index like the FTSE – it is very much a market for pros or otherwise the occasional bit of fun. Sadly, the statistics are very bad in terms of success with regards to trading the FTSE. In fact one can be more general and expand this to most indices and forex pairs; it probably takes years of experience before this type of trading can be seen as anymore than gambling.

In these market conditions even the experienced traders are finding it difficult to pick a market direction, but if you’re absolutely certain, then best of luck mate =)