Can I extend the life of my bet?

All daily rolling bets automatically roll; you need to trade out of them to close the bet. Futures contracts can be rolled over into another contract period. A rollover consists of closing and settling the original bet, while simultaneously opening a new bet in the next contract at a reduced spread. You can choose to have all your Futures bets rolled automatically, or you can notify the spread betting company on a bet-by-bet basis. Be careful as the setting for all accounts may be such that spreadbets in a futures market will be closed at expiry unless you request for it to rollover.

Can I keep my positions open at the end of the day?

Yes you can. Daily Rolling bets automatically ‘roll-over’ at the end of the trading day. If you decide to roll any quarterly, monthly or daily cash contract, you will need to contact the provider shortly before the contract expiry time to leave a rollover instruction. For equities, spread betting providers may offer certain favourable rollovers like permitting you to close an existing trade spread-free (at the market price) and offer the subsequent quarter at half of the normal spread. On rollover of futures contracts, the existing trade is closed, realising any profits or losses incurred and a new position is subsequently opened. In any case I recommend you to contact the provider for the exact terms (but make sure to ask).