So, I’ve got £200 per annum to invest. In what?

I was going to put the £200 per month into an existing ISA but I *think* I’d like to try something a little more – exciting?. This will be more of a hobby as at the moment the £200 is surplus. I’d like to become a millionaire within the next 2 years but I know that isn’t going to happen to a complete and utter novice with £200 per month.

A cash ISA is just like a savings account….it pays enough to stop your money being devalued quite as quick as just sat in your pocket, but it’s never growing in value (not at today’s rates anyway)…its saving.

Stocks and shares is more risky but more but more chance for real growth although you need to be more vigilant. If you invest in shares/companies you do understand and educate yourself a bit, do some research, then the skies the limit …I know of people who have retired and live on their ISAs, tax free. Go buy some investing books first though ….

But remember its your patient money, not money you need easy quick access to, as chances are, when you need it the markets are down

Do some reading up on such things, you need to decide your own strategy based on your circumstances.

Failing that, £200 on red is a sure thing… Yep, red. No, black. Wait, red. No… black. Red! No, wait, final answer is black. Er… no, red! I mean black…