Trading as a Business

Everything you have been told about trading is wrong. All money making schemes on this planet are created to suck you into believing something is easy with big pay offs and little risk, and that the secret to trading will come from some sort of ‘tool, indicator or pattern’ or from some ‘secret knowledge’.

Reality Check 1 – Why is it that Richard Dennis of the Turtles said he could make available their trading system for creating millions of dollars free to the public but no one would be able to get rich from it? Because he knew most people would not be able to operate it, not from lack of intelligence, but from lack of discipline! (TurtleRules pg 3 of

Reality Check 2 – Why is it that the most successful ‘trader’ of our time, George Soros was able to become a billionaire when he sets himself the modest goal of 30-40% per annum, but most traders can’t even make enough to leave their jobs? (Soros on Soros, pg 244)

Reality Check 3 – Why is it that after interviewing a list of successful traders Jack D Schwager could not find one indicator, method or analytical similarity between any of those traders? (Winning Methods of The Market Wizards audio CD, with Jack D Schwager)

Reality Check 4 – Why is it that Daimler-Chrysler AG made more money on Foreign Exchange than it did selling cars by simply employing people who were not even seasoned traders, just employees, yet most traders can’t succeed even from the comfort on their own home?

The answer is simple; we are not conditioned to succeed, and we are purposely being sent the wrong message from the ‘Marketers’ of the trading world.

Consider these facts:

Fact 1 – 95% of trader’s fail to reach their goals or become financially free from trading

Fact 2 – This statistic is not isolated to trading

Fact 3 – 95% of business startups fail

Fact 4 – 95% of lotto winners lose it all and more

Fact 5 – 95% of retirees retire with little or no money

Fact 6 – 95% of people spend more than they earn



Fact 9 – You will be conditioned to believe that the Holy Grail in trading will come from finding the secret indicator, the secret pattern or the secret piece of inside knowledge

Fact 10 – You will believe in this so called Holy Grail because you are conditioned to ‘want to believe it’

The facts are, you are not supposed to be successful, it is not in the best interest of the marketers out there that you succeed

If you feel that what I have just presented you with is over the top, I want you to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. How often and consistently do you save or invest some of your earnings?
  2. Do you have a lot of consumer debt?
  3. Do you regularly spend more than you earn?

What on earth have these questions got to do with trading?

Let me explain: If you do not save or invest money with consistent and unabated regularity, you have an issue with money. Those who do not save or invest regularly associate pain with saving money. As a trader you will have the same ‘pain’ issues because you will have a fear of losing, and more so, you will fear losing any profits that present, and you will struggle to follow your rules.

Having a lot of consumer debt or regularly spending more than earnings are both signs of associating ‘pain’ with saving money.

But notice on the TV, in the newspapers and magazines etc, they are selling us on the idea that spending money and getting into debt is a good thing; but why? Because if you did not behave like this you would not provide the income for the people who want you to spend, spend, spend!

So if you have an issue with money, do you not think it would be very easy to sell you on the idea that if all you did was use some magical formula, that all your money problems will disappear? Of course it would, and this is the very thing that is going on. We are poor money managers and are looking for the big win that will set us free. This is why so many people gamble and play lotto. However as you now know, 95% of lotto winners end up losing it all. So the ‘big win’ does not set you free.

But let’s get really serious here.

You want to trade because you know that the money to be made in trading will afford you the life you want. When approached correctly, trading offers many rewards:

  • Lucrative income – so you can have the things you desire
  • Time freedom – to have control over your life so you can enjoy it
  • Mobility – you can go where you please, live where you like
  • Freedom from ‘authority’ – in trading you are your own boss, no more answering to someone else
  • High returns on your money – you’ve got money to invest and you want the best return on that money when you put it to work for you
  • Independence – YOU decide how much you’ll make, not your employer (or the government when you’re retired)

Consistent and reliable profits only come from consistent and systematized trading, so in order to enjoy all that trading has to offer, you need a ‘trading business’.

With our website materials we aim to help giving you the confidence to trade without fear and anxiety.   So many traders spend most of their time hoping that they’ll make money this month and next, hoping they’ll find that magic pill to let them trade hoping they’ll survive long enough to hit that big one that will let them feel secure – but that feeling of security never comes. They enter every trade praying, wishing, and crossing their fingers for that luck that continues to elude them.

You’re going to get a better understanding of how the markets operate. Imagine being one of the few that actually understands how they operate. If you think this is a benefit to you, you’re right, as most market participants don’t even know how a market operates. This gives you an edge.

You’re going to get clear on what it is you want. Think this is important? This is critical! If you have no clear goal, you’ll stall. No successful trader ever becomes successful without first setting a goal. And the reason for this is simple, to gauge success you must have something to gauge it against; and this of course is a goal. When you have a goal in place, you’ll always know when you’re on track, and this gives you piece of mind.

What are you bringing to the markets? What’s the importance of this? Basically every trader who succeeds has an edge, and their edge comes from knowing what it is they’re good at, what they have at their disposal, and how to use this to carve out consistent profits from the markets. Having an edge means knowing what it is you bring to the markets.

You’ll have your management tools in place. Every business needs managing, not only the numbers and financial side of things but also you; and as a trader, you are the primary asset of your business.

You’re also going to have to prepare your mind for success. This is as essential to your success as oxygen is to your life. Our minds are so powerful that they will create whatever it is we tell it to; we teach you how to tell your mind that success is what you want and anything short of that will not be tolerated.

Why do we have a trading system development kit? Simple, no two successful traders are alike (notice we say ‘successful traders’), and as such no two successful traders use the exact same system. A trading system must be a part of you, therefore whether you need a short term system, a long term system, a mechanical or discretionary, trend-following or swing trading system, there are choices.

Where Do Losing Traders Go Wrong?

They usually just jump into trading with whatever system promises to make a lot of money, get busy trading, then wonder why they’re not making mountains of money.  They fail to see that there is more to it than just having a system.

The traders that fail don’t seek out the right help to properly prepare them for trading, and to help them find the RIGHT system for them.

Trading is a challenging endeavor on both personal and technical levels.  It is certainly NOT a “get-rich-quick”, “push this button and your computer will start spitting out money” type business.  In order to succeed you need the help of experienced traders – and the right kind of help.

It’s a simple fact in life (and it’s not restricted to trading) that what works well for one person usually doesn’t work the same for everyone else.  So it follows that when two people use the same trading system, the results can be entirely different.

Trading involves more than just a series of numbers and predictions.  It involves a real person (that would be you – the trader).  A person is subject to emotions, instincts, moods, and yes – even mistakes.

So A Person’s Trading System Will ONLY Succeed When It Fits Their Own Personality Like A Glove

Learn from the only complete approach to trading system development

Remove the barriers to financial success with our 5 Step Process & Online Learning Tools

Step 1 – The Mind
Preparation is essential and the first step is preparing the mind. Included in this first step is Reprogramming Your Mind For Success, a cutting edge program that literally prepares your mind for success. All online and downloadable, includes exercise, worksheets, programs and software.

Step 2 – The Business
The single biggest factor for building any business other than knowing what a business is, is knowing where you are, who you are, and where you want to go. Trading is a process to get you there but it is also a symbol of you the person. Master this section and you’re more than halfway to financial success. All online and downloadable, includes exercise, worksheets and programs.

Step 3 – The Markets
This step will teach you all there is to know on the basics of the markets from what they are, why they exist, who they exist for and much more. You’ll learn the necessary terminology for participating in the markets with confidence.

Step 4 – Trading System Development
Skip straight to this step and failure is almost guaranteed (just visit trading forums to see how well trading systems fare on their own). Once you have completed the first three steps, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you to develop the right trading system for you and take control of your life. You’ll have the resources to create the system that suits you.

Step 5 – The Management

Every business needs management, and just like a missile that never goes in a straight line needs constant management for correcting its course, so will you. Our tools for managing your business and you (emotional and psychological management) cannot be found anywhere. You’ll know of possible problems before they arise and how to beat bad habits which can save you thousands of dollars in potential mistakes.