Learn About Spread Betting: Take It From The Experts

I use spread betting to day trade the markets. Sounds glamorous doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it sound cool if that is what you told your mates you were doing?

Increasingly, we are seeing more and more people who want to generate an income by spreadbetting on the stock market, either as a new career or as a lucrative hobby. With information readily available on global indices, everyone has an opinion on market movements. In fact a typical client today is an ordinary person who has a view on the market, whether it is on a currency pair, an index, a share or a commodity.

On this spreadbetting portal we aim to show you how to minimise the risks spreadbetting while maximising the profits and point out the banana skins on the way. We aim to help you get more from your trading and turn market opinions into trading strategies.

Here’s what one of our fans said: ‘I got a good feel for the basics of financial spread betting from this site. It’s really easy to understand, providing useful information about the different spread betting companies and shares some interesting spread betting strategies’

Who I Am: I’m an individual investor who has been investing and trading stocks and shares for over 10 years. I currently trade stocks for a living in addition to writing about the stock market. In the past I also used to play poker but I’ve found spread betting to be a far easier, less stressful way to make money.

We aim to give you all the strategies and tips, tricks, rules and secret information you will need to be successful spread betting.

Try something new…

With continued economic uncertainty, and the public feeling short changed by low interest rates on savings, the stock market is once more proving to be a popular alternative to cash in the bank. But speculating in the fast moving financial markets is not something to do on a whim.

You’ve probably heard about spread betting – but maybe the risks have put you off. We take you through the whole subject from a keen amateur’s perspective. So don’t be startled by spread betting – get started. Our range of guides cover the workings of financial spread betting and using the trading platform, managing risk, technical analysis and trading strategies.

  • Workings of Spread Betting
  • Mechanics of trading Spread Bets – margin, leverage and financing
  • Benefits of trading via spreadbetting – short selling, trading on margin
  • Protective trading strategies
  • Developing a trading plan
  • Risk Management and Money Management

For new users in the financial spread betting markets, the spread betting itself is something they have never saw before. The whole world of the spread betting, is unique and special, that’s may be the reason why more and more users are signing to try to bet on spread.

The world of the spread betting is all about the spread themselves, you can find many kinds of spread and bet your money on them to raise or fall. If you believe the value of the market you are betting on its spread is going to rise, you can bet on the market going up. This action is called ‘Buying’. In case the specific market is really raised its value, you will make the profit from just betting on the spread. If you believe the value of the market is going to fall, you can bet that the market will go down; in this case you are ‘selling’. If the market did lose some of its value, your spread bet was right and you will make the profit from the financial spread betting itself. In case the market rose its value comparing to the value before you placed your spread bet, your bet was wrong and you will lose some.

In contrary to the stocks market, the spread betting is the alternative bet to take. The only thing here is to bet on the movements of the specific market while trying to predict if it’s going to add to its value or to lose some of its value. The only bet in the spread betting market is whenever the market will rise of fall.

Spread betting involved no brokers since you trade no stocks actually; the only bet is on the spread at the present and the future. This is one of the great benefits comparing to the Forex and Sticks market, there are no fee’s to pay. The revenue you can make is 100% your revenue and you have no share to give to broker or to the market itself. The spread betting market is unique market and attracted new traders online as long as old investors which already have the experience with Forex and Stocks markets.

SPREAD BETTING – £100 cash bonus

I have negotiated a special offer with one of the most well-respected spread betting companies around. That’s Capital Spreads. Anyone who opens an account with them, through this site, will get a £100 cash bonus just for trying them out!! All you need to do is deposit £250 and make 5 opening non-equity trades.

If you have any questions about CFDs or spreadbetting, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Have a question about spread trading? We hope you find the guide useful and informative.

Always keep in mind – spread betting is a leveraged trading instrument and can be risky. So always keep bet sizes low initially and use stop losses to limit any potential damage.

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